Dr. Toni S. Start is a Licensed Psychologist; she earned her Doctorate Degree in Clinical and Humanistic Psychology from the Michigan School of Professional Psychology. She believes that a healthy quality of life stems from heightened self-awareness, a foundation of core values, well developed relationships, and a keen focus on the connection between mind and body. She realizes that because of life’s events, these qualities can become compromised, resulting in one feeling anxious, depressed, stressed, confused, overwhelmed, angry, worthless, hopeless, lonely, vulnerable and/or scared. These events can occur anytime in life and can stay with us. She helps people connect thoughts and feelings of the past to how they live in the present, and heal for the future. She utilizes a mixture of humanistic and mind/body psychologies including Gentle Teaching, Internal Family Systems/Parts Work, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), Comprehensive Energy Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and imagery. Most people seek psychotherapy for anxiety, panic, fear, phobias, depression, relationship issues, grief/loss, trauma, or wonder “why they think the way they do”.

Feedback from past and present clients include how Toni offers an environment and presence that lacks judgment, which helps them feel comfortable to explore their self-identity safely. They feel in control while they deepen their self-awareness, thus are better able to make more conscientious decisions in life.

Toni is on the board of Gentle Teaching International. Gentle Teaching is a way of being with others focusing on feeling safe and loved enough to become loving towards others through healthy engagement. She has presented at many Gentle Teaching conference. She plans to present at the annual Gentle Teaching Conference in the fall which will be in Iceland. In the recent past, she was a keynote speaker at the annual Gentle Teaching Conference held in Greece in September of 2014. The title of the presentation was The Art of Building Meaningful Relationships. In March of 2013, she was the guest presenter at Homes Society located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. For the 3 day conference, her presentations had a central theme of Becoming a Gentle Teacher: Creating Peace for Others. In 2013, she presented at the annual Gentle Teaching International Conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Her presentation was titled How Feeling Safe and Loved as a Caregiver Influences Engagement with Others…Moment by Moment. Toni was a keynote presenter at the 2012 Gentle Teaching International Conference which was held in Denmark. The theme of the conference was “Heart-Body-Soul; A Gentle Perspective is Priceless”. The title of Toni’s presentation was Creating Your Presence to Meet the Other in the Moment. The primary audiences for these conferences are caregivers, educators, administrators, and parents who practice, or long to learn about, the Gentle Teaching philosophy. Please refer to www.gentleteaching.com for more details.

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To contact Toni directly, please call 616.607.4543 or e-mail toni@startandassociates.com

Toni and the other therapists at Start and Associates accept private pay as well as several health insurances on an in-network or out of network agreement.