Patti Bosch, ECP, is a certified Emotion Code practitioner. She specializes in releasing your emotional baggage to help you feel freer, happier, and healthier through the Emotion Code healing technique.

Via the Emotion Code training, Patti has the ability to discover and then release trapped emotions which are negative energies that become trapped in the body during stressful emotional times. Consequently, these trapped emotions can cause emotional and/or physical problems. Using the techniques of the Emotion Code, Patti will make an intuitive connection with your subconscious using muscle testing and discover which trapped emotions need to be released. Once released, your body can begin its own natural healing process. During her journey as an Emotion Code Practitioner, Patti has witnessed the psychological and physical healing results that this powerful and gentle therapy can provide. Even after just one or two sessions, people have reported a great reduction in physical pain levels, anxiety levels, and/or depression.

Patti has been on her own healing journey for over 30 years. When she found the Emotion Code, she knew this was her calling; it is a gentle, non-invasive, intuitive, and safe way of healing. Having worked so hard and deeply on her own healing journey, she can walk with you and guide you on yours. Patti is a natural intuitive and a gentle, warm-hearted person. She has an aura of caring and is capable of deep listening. She is dedicated to helping people heal in a way that feels safe, in a caring and open environment that accepts each person as they are.


Judy: I was introduced to the Emotion Code by my sister, Patti Bosch. When she was in training, she had to practice the technique on many people in order to obtain her certification. I was one of the people she worked on. At first, I didn't really expect much to happen. I liked that the sessions were gentle and basically just required my willingness for unwanted and stuck emotions to be released. At the time, I was experiencing severe pain in my knees and one leg. After a couple sessions my pain level went from an 8 to a 3. I was actually pretty stunned. I also felt lighter emotionally and my heart felt more open. Patti is empathetic and kind and non-judgmental. She made me feel very safe during our sessions. I would highly recommend that anyone with physical or emotional pain try this gentle and highly effective technique for healing.

Tommy: Patti has done work on me using the emotion code and it has changed my life! I fell off of a 35-foot cliff hiking 4 years ago and shattered my heel, and I’ve had crippling pain ever since. Once I had my first session with her, a lot of my pain disappeared and standing on my feet all day has become an easy task! My general state of mind and well-being has improved a lot as well! This healing would be beneficial for anyone who is undergoing physical or emotional pain! I can’t express how grateful I am for Patti and the work she’s done for me!

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