Mike Rozich is a Michigan Masters Level Psychologist and holds a Master of Arts in Humanistic and Clinical Psychology from The Center for Humanistic Studies, now named The Michigan School of Psychology.

Mike has always wanted to be a therapist. He sees it as one of the most noble offerings one can provide another: to listen, understand, soothe and help. He has been employed as a psychotherapist since 1995. Within this span of time, he has worked with people from all walks of life and in both public and private outpatient environments and in group practices as well.

Mike has post graduate training in client centered and Motivational Interviewing cognitive behavioral therapy; he helps with the language of your mind, body and spirit and is a student of Internal Family Systems/Parts model. These modalities are used integratively in helping people understand their personalities and motivation, live with past trauma with greater ease, feel unburdened by anxiety and depression. Mike takes great delight when his clients become curious about their lives and find strategies to make meaningful changes within themselves and in their lives.

Mike has a very interactive and warm style. He helps people who are struggling with depression, motivational barriers, issues with self-acceptance and relational conflicts and helps people understand their own experiences and emotions. Mike has a very interactive approach and a warm style in his visits.

To set up an initial appointment with Mike, please call our office at 616.607.4476 or email Amanda@startandassociates.com

To contact Mike for other reasons, please call him directly at 517.918.5464 or e-mail Mike@startandassociates.com