Danielle Hawkins is a Temporary Master's Limited Psychologist; she earned her master’s degree in counseling psychology from Western Michigan University.

Danielle understands that being human can be beautiful, and also sometimes painful and difficult to navigate at times. She believes supportive counseling can be the bridge to healing and growth. She practices holistic, integrative, evidence-based therapy while drawing upon inspiration from nature, mindfulness, breathwork, and movement practices. Danielle is also a registered yoga teacher. She is passionate about the well-being of her clients. She's dedicated to forming therapeutic relationships built upon trust, safety, and respect. It's truly her privilege to offer her clients acceptance and unwavering support. Danielle works primarily with individual young adults, adults, and older adults.

To set up an initial appointment with Danielle, please call our office at 616.607.4476 or email Amanda@startandassociates.com

To contact Danielle for other reasons, please e-mail Danielle@startandassociates.com

Danielle is supervised by Dr. Toni Start, Licensed Psychologist, license #6301014058.