Adriana Yellig is a Licensed Psychologist and holds a doctorate in Counseling from Western Michigan University. She has been in the mental health field since 2002.

In her work, Adriana relies on cognitive-behavioral and interpersonal frameworks. She believes that at the heart of change lies a solid therapeutic relationship. Thus, Adriana aims to convey all therapeutic interventions in a confidential, safe, accepting, and empathic manner.

Over the years, Adriana has witnessed the psychological satisfactions that people experience as a result of immersing in the counseling process and working through personal difficulties. She has experienced positive outcomes with adults, children, adolescents, college students, couples, and families. She has worked with a range of issues (depression, anxiety, trauma, self-injurious behavior, personality issues, eating disorders, perfectionism, procrastination, etc.) in several settings (community mental health, college counseling center, and private practice). Adriana also enjoys teaching, and has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Counseling and Psychology. Additionally, she has experience with personality, intellectual, and ADHD assessments.

Adriana approaches with heightened awareness the needs of diverse clients, and employs culturally sensitive frameworks to address these unique needs. She has firsthand experience with cross-cultural adaptation, and has an affinity for helping people navigate unfamiliar ‘territories’ and rise above the challenges associated with transitions such as grief/loss, divorce, post-partum distress, retirement, remarriage, cultural adaptation, etc. She enjoys the candid, heart-to-heart dialogues that promote self-awareness and help mend emotional and interpersonal anguish.

Adriana welcomes you to the inward journey of self-discovery and lasting change!

To set up an initial appointment with Adriana, please call our office at 616.607.4476 or email

To contact Adriana for other reasons, please call her directly at 616.298.3311 or e-mail