Tina Koekkoek is a Licensed Professional Therapist with a Master’s degree in Social Work. She possess over 10 years of comprehensive clinical experience. She enjoys working with adults, teens, families (systems), & ADD/ADHD (evaluation and therapy). She has great passion for working with divorced/single parents, blended families, and people of every race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

Tina has passion for working with teenagers as they struggle to identify their identities, cope with rapid physical, emotional and psychological changes that take place within themselves, and adjust to the demands of peers, school, society and parents. She believes a systems approach is conducive in working with teenagers. She believes creativity and a non-traditional approach is best for working with teenagers. She believes it is most effective when working with teenagers to encourage freely associated and uncensored communication. She thinks it is crucial to be on top of current and historic knowledge regarding development and trends, interests, struggles and venues for connection.

The environment she provides is welcoming and a safe place to explore and work through feelings, thoughts, images, & beliefs that may be keeping you feeling stuck. She offers a holistic and integrated approach to client-centered therapy, using traditional psychotherapy, out-of-the-box therapy, family systems, and cognitive behavior therapy. She tempers the process with creativity along with practical solutions and concrete goals.

She believes personal growth requires both insight and action. She always remembers that with some people, she may be the only person in their life that is capable of both hearing and being with them in times of struggle. This is sacred to her. She looks forward to meeting you, and rather big or small, being a piece of your journey.

To contact Tina directly, please call 616.401.8624 or e-mail tina@startandassociates.com